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Yes! We are Back

  • DC is ODC Now 🙂
  • {{ Old Dream Creation }}

Somethings are like drugs, you touch it, then its very hard to leave it. You will get addicted to it. Yes we found that we are addict to DC (Dream Creation), We are addict to designing, we are addict to branding, we are addict to technology, we are addict to website development….

we are addict to making mistakes.

Just keep reading to know more about us

First, what is DC or ODC?

We are an 13 years old company from Coimbatore creating brands around the globe. We have created many brands, to name it Meat & Eat (ME), Bamboo Events, Johny and many more. And not stopping there we have worked for many brands to develop. Again to name it Boeing, Susee Automobiles, Hot Chocolate, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Hash 10, CCFC and many more. And as a <b>website designers</b>, we have big list.

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What did change now?

We know you are eager to know why we shut our doors in first place. We will come to that soon 🙂 . Before that we would like you to know what is new with us. Yes, now we are full of new idea's, plans and technology. The same old heads, but with new thoughts. We started to love colours even more than before.

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Website Designers

Yes! we love doing technology. Right from the invention of oscommerce to development support of Gzip DC has marked its impression. And creating an website become our lifeline. We never cut paste, we create and we mean it.

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Brand Developers

BRAND a word that makes us excited. Just imagine how it feels when you go to any city and see a brand that you have created shines bright. Yes we love that feel being a brand creators. We have created many brand in past 14 years.

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ODC - {{Old Dream Creation}} - Website Designers

14 Years, 341 Logos, 100+ Websites, 29 Brands, 3 Awards, one failure and now back to business.