I had to shift my website to a new server. After shifting I got folder permission error wordpress. When i checked all the folder permissions for wordpress folders are correct and still I got the error. I googled a lot and nothing helped me. Finally decided to take action on my own.

What happened?

My problem was like I had an VPS with godaddy and it went to trouble. And as you all know, you ask support to godaddy, they will say so many reason to bill you. So I decided rather than wasting time on them, I brought a new VPS. And started to transferring all the accounts. After transferring in most of the wordpress account I got error.

” Check folder permission to write files or write images or something” and was not able to update any plugins.

What to do?

My sites were running on PHP 7.3. First what did was, under WHM–> MultiPHP Manager, I changed the sites with folder permission error to PHP 7.2 with PHP-FPM enabled. If you don’t have access to WHM, then you can do it in your cpanel ( Cpanel–> Software –> MultiPHP Manager). Now the error was gone. My wordpress was running on the latest release. still I reinstalled the update from the backend so that adaptive file can be rewritten. To do this go to you wordpress admin and under update menu you will find re-install now.

folder permission error in wordpress

and updated all the plugins. Once I am done with this, I went back to my PHP manager in VPS and updated all the wordpress site back to PHP7.3 FPM (Its very much advisable to run your sites on lates PHP version).

All the errors were gone and wordpress site speed improved all lot than before.

Folder permission error wordpress should have been solved for you too.

Thankyou, hope this article is helpful for someone.
Vinoth Kumar
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