Ok! so you have the desire to become model or a actor. Fine then I will help you out. Let me explain how it works.

Become Model or a Actor:

First i will do a interview with you. Once i get the confidence on you, we will work together. After interview we will get down for portfolio shoot. and later i will teach you about acting and presenting. Then we will find the correct opportunity for you. It might take time, but we will find the best one together. Finding an opportunity is an art, it takes time but gives you an perfect launch pad.

There are few tips for you.

  • Understanding
  • Grooming
  • Changing
  • Learning
  • Presenting
Before getting into it, understand the industry well. There are ups and downs everywhere. If someone rejects you, just relax there is someone else to give you the chance.  Never give up. Groom yourself well, both mentally and physically. Because your an character of a director and he never wants his character to be miss led. Learn to change yourself. Behind the camera you can be what you are, but before camera you should forget what you were. Next very important part is learning to act. Let it be a Advertisement or an serial or an movie, acting is the base. So learn it to perfection, rest the director will take care. Always wear a smile, present yourself to other in a such a manner that they should think twice before saying no to you. Now if you want me to be your guide to the industry and your dream, better think twice and then contact me. Vinoth Kumar.


Advertisement TVC shoot:

Once again, the best experience in very tight schedule. In fact no big budget or extra days to for the TVC shoot was given. We had only 2 days. Art work was done on first day. In addition art director did a very good job in the given budget. Day 2 was shooting. Lots of scenes to be shot. the day started very early and ended very late. Once again my camera man Sam did a great job. And i like to mention my coordinator Mr.Prakesh too, we had worst crisis but he managed to replace the model and maintain the time schedule. Take look at the ad.


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Advertisement shoot:

Nothing much to say about this advertisement shoot. Had very tough time. But learnt a good lesson ” Never go to an shoot with last minute changes from the client”. It was just one day shoot. But, in that one day we did shoots in 5 different locations. Too much too handle in too little time. Perhaps this is the time when i decided never to do a shoot with small budget. As mater of face as director i am responsible for cheap ads too. Anyways i always thank my GC crew for the best support. For sure without them i could have not achieved even this much.

Garden City :

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I need to mention few people here. First is Vidya Pradeep my model who acted in this advertisement. She was amazing. Her dedication, acting, and main point is her timing to make things happen. Of course second is my cameraman Sam. I was amazed of the way he see’s thru the camera. In this ad shoot  got the cameraman i was searching for. Then finally my assistant director Ajith, Idiot but a very good creator. He did a real good job. Ya i forgot to mention the sweet little candy girl Aachu. The kid did do a great job. Took each one of us on ride.However we still enjoyed.

Sree Akhila Jewellery Advertisement:



Volkswagen – Ad shoot

Volkswagen – Ad shoot. Its was very simple shoot. Just took 5 Hrs to shoot. No big equipment or any big crew. Just me, my cameraman and assistant director. But the satisfaction that we got was very big. I thank Mr.Rejeev – MD – Susee automobiles for openly trusting us. This trust made us shoot this small commercial with available things. This advertisement was done for trichy showroom launch. Still i remember the techniques we used to shoot this. I cant say everything out, but there two people hiding inside the Beetle to open the doors. For more Ads click here


Textile Ad Shoot:

Sometimes we guys cannot control things in the shooting spot even being a director for the ad. 99% such thing happens when the customers kid or kids are there. This is one such Textile ad shoot and it happened you me. Still i had to do my job. The shoot was done in a hall of an apartment. My art department did an wonderful job. Cameraman Mr.Mani took enough pain to set angles so that it looks different. I should appreciate my production team too.  Every 30 mins once they made sure everyone in the set eats something. Thankyou Team.   For More Ads Click Here